The Plight of Homeless Easter Bunnies

What happens to pet store bunnies after #Easter? The wild is a dangerous place for pets. Our staff found this lost bunny in the woods last night, newly christened “Sergeant Rex.” It’s almost certain he was an abandoned or escaped house pet, given his eagerness to approach scientists and security. Sergeant Rex’s white fur made him an easy target for predators, and he had no practice hiding or escaping from them.

It’s not uncommon for rabbits purchased for Easter to find themselves abandoned shortly after the holiday. An estimated 80 percent of rabbits filling adoption shelters now were once bought as Easter pets. And in the wild, many pets end up starving or getting eaten.

Fortunately SERC security staff were able to call animal welfare services, and now Sergeant Rex is back up for adoption. But many pets aren’t so lucky The best way to return unwanted pets is to take them to the pet store or a local animal shelter, though even those often find themselves inundated with unwanted bunnies after Easter.

Check out this article for some ethical alternatives to purchasing bunnies for the Easter holiday:


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