Fujiyama – Magic in the Skies from Mark Thorpe on Vimeo.

Living in the Tokyo region means that I get few chances to head out into the Wilds to document the kind of things that mean so much more to me than overcrowded cities. It’s tough adjusting to life in a concrete jungle having spent the last 16yrs on islands in the Pacific and Indonesia. That said, this experience has allowed me to investigate further an area of imaging that I had previously dabbled with rather than delved into, time-lapse photography.

When I first started plotting some time-lapse shoots around Tokyo it pretty soon dawned on me that there was a potential to put this short film together. Not only would it give me a goal but it would allow me to showcase a few of the sequences I’ve shot in and around what I call the ‘megatropolis’. Ultimately I was looking for a way to merge those with the story of my quest to photograph the passage of the Milky Way in the skies above Mount Fuji. With this short film I endeavour to take the viewer on a voyage as I try and photograph this incredible merging of two Iconic emblems, one terrestrial, the other astral, something that is seldom accomplished for the simple reason of a lack in synchronicity between the Earth’s rotation and the path of the Milky Way.

I’m happy with the outcome and even more so that the incredible musician Rich ‘Solarstone’ Mowatt also felt moved enough as to allow me the use of his awesome music to accompany the piece. Filmed during four different trips to the Mount Fuji region in the past 8 months I used a mixture of cameras including a Canon EOS5D3, a GoPro Hero4 Black Edition and an iPhone6 in my quest to complete this, my first, time-lapse photography project, ‘Fujiyama’.

Editing wise I used LRTimelapse Pro with Adobe Lightroom for all the timelapse editing and FCPx as my NLE Video editing software of choice. Hardware used was a selection of gear from Manfrotto, SYRP and Paxis Backpacks.

Cheers all,



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