Last post of the year everyone!

Here’s a mishmash of stuff I’ve been working on while I’ve been off work. The first few pictures are of the insides of my 486 PC which I have for running old DOS games. I put it together back when I was in college from parts I found at my local Goodwill (this was before I had an extensive PC hardware collection). I’ve been working on it a bit over this break. Mainly trying to get everything working properly (CD-Rom, Floppy drives etc.). It’s mostly there except for getting a second Hdd setup for backup. 

The next few pictures are of my new Standard Electric ‘Adjust-A-Volt’ variac. I picked this up today from a Craigslist ad. I bought it because the price was good and I liked the aesthetic. I already own a variac, so this one will likely get hooked up on another workbench or used for its small size and portability when I need to test equipment outside of my lab. Of course the first thing I do when I get it is to take it apart. 😀  Next step on this guy is to clean him up and re-paint so it looks a bit better.

Last picture is of the Graetz radio I’ve been working on. The radio portion of the electrical restoration is done. The radio brings in stations loud and clear (even without external antenna). I replaced a burnt out dial light and got the chassis cleaned up and put back together. Next I’ll be adding Bluetooth capability so the owner can stream music to the radio via. his smartphone. Then I have to finish up the cabinet. This is proving to be tricky as it’s been pretty cold here for a couple of weeks, not really a good environment for putting the poly on the cabinet.

Coming up next…

I’ll be doing another commissioned radio restoration. Another friend of mine has an antique console radio (don’t know the make and model yet). She’ll be bringing that in sometime after the holidays. So another restoration is in the works.

Stay tuned!


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