METAMORPHOSIS (a series on 'itchydogimages')

METAMORPHOSIS (a series on ‘itchydogimages’) by itchydogimages

Via Flickr:

Blue Admiral (Kaniska canace, Nymphalidae)

The caterpillar can be yellow or orange. Despite its appearance, the spines are purely ornamental and harmless (as with all butterfly immatures).
Easily the most territorial butterfly I have encountered. I can honestly say I have been (predictably) harrassed, physically assaulted and sent on my way by this species of butterfly on many occasions. However, if you choose to sit still and become part of the territory, this proud sentry will accept you as part of its domain, and include you as a perch from which to launch attacks on new intruders.

‘METAMORPHOSIS’ matches later instar caterpillars to their adult forms. See other images in the series HERE.

Pu’er, Yunnan, China

see comments for additional images…..


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