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Happy Birthday, America! by Lockheed Martin

Via Flickr:

Employees at the Consolidated Aircraft factory in Fort Worth, Texas, showed their patriotism in the summer of 1944 by hanging American flags on the final C-87 Liberator Express transport during assembly. The Liberator Express was a variant of the B-24 bomber and featured 25 seats, fuselage windows, and a port side loading door. The six C-87As featured a 16 passenger/10 sleeping berth VIP configuration. One C-87A was designated as the first dedicated Presidential aircraft, but neither Franklin D. Roosevelt nor Harry Truman ever flew on the aircraft, which was nicknamed Guess Where II. All 286 C-87/C-87As were built in Fort Worth. The last aircraft was completed in August 1944. Interestingly, the serial numbers of these C-87s were changed after they were towed out of the factory. Now-retired Lockheed Martin photojournalist John Rossino brought the flags to life digitally a couple of years ago in honor of Independence Day. Happy Birthday #241, America!


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