• mnbucketlist: With
    Valleyfair opening soon it seems like the perfect time to tell you
    about their brand-new ride. Located just next to where the Enterprise,
    now retired, was. Soaring in at a whopping 230 feet, the North Star is
    the second tallest ride in the park, with the Power Tower in first at
    275 feet. Easily recognizable with its instagram-worthy red, white and
    blue motif, NS brings you up 20 stories and spins you up to 40mph. It’s
    the only ride of this type in the upper Midwest. Helpful note: If you
    sit on the outside, you’ll feel the wind and the spin. If you sit on the
    inside and look in, you will feel like you’re in a helicopter,
    reporting the late-breaking traffic news OR like you’re circling
    Godzilla. I, for one, totally loved the Godzilla-like seat. For those
    that think, NO WAY! Give it a chance. I went on it twice, no problem.
    And, with a name like “North Star”, paying homage to the north star
    state, I can tell you from my own experience, it’s worth checking out!
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