So… here’s a thing…

Made some decorative vacuum tube stands using some scrap walnut I had as well as some dead, globe-style 24A tubes. I had pulled these out of my collection a while ago to use for a radio project, but found that they were shorted inside. 😦 

So… they get used for decoration instead.

One of the tubes has a sticker on it saying that it was tested and found ‘noisy’ back on February 28th of 1933… so… someone hung on to this dead tube for a really long time before I got it.

Anyway, this is a small project in-between other things I’m working on. I’m still making good progress on the Graetz radio and I need to sit down and do the electrical repair on the Philco 39-45, but I’m gone most of this weekend, so won’t have time till I get back. Once I have more big-project stuff to post, I’ll get those pics up on here.

As always, thanks for following along, and stay tuned!


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